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Who we are

Seaside is an Italian company operating in the energy efficiency field with an innovative business model based on an integrated consulting service, project financing and intrinsic technological solutions.

The company was established in Bologna in 2010 as an ESCo (Energy Service Company) on the own initiative of a group of entrepreneurs- Patrizia Malferrari, Paolo Benfenati, Stefano Gresleri – with decades of expertise in the most innovative energy areas, namely renewable energies and energy efficiency.

All three entrepreneurs are EGE-certified professionals for Energy Management within companies, and have been followed in the shareholding by the most expert collaborators.

Seaside developed an organisational model based on talent recruitment in the technical sector, the collaboration with Universities and with highly niche skilled technical professionals nationwide through WEEN (White Economy Efficiency Network). This network not only opens doors to professionals for certifications such EGE, but also permits Seaside to assess with flexibility all the energy efficiency requirements of nationwide companies, and thus, to enable a trend of progressive internal manager formation, for an autonomous expression of the “corporate climate responsibility”.

Seaside distinguishing features

Today, Seaside is a company with an internal organisation based on 20 professional in Bologna, and on a network of 20 additional experts in energy efficiency in the whole country, working as consultants and educators for their client companies.
Seaside major strengths are without any doubt the excellent ability to interpret innovation trends triggered by environment sustainability, its company’s competition, the solid determination and management of short and medium term funding solutions. Furthermore, IT specific skills as well as economic-financial skills were the principal key points that permitted the founders to become part of this successful story in Italy.

Seaside, being ESCo, manages a portfolio of energy efficiency titles (EET) coming from several projects conceived and shared with more than 300 clients, for a total value exceeding 35 million euros.

Seaside Customers

Seaside reached in only few years an annual revenue of circa 8 million euros, with a profitability level set to aprox. 20%. Every year, 50% of the profits is invested in projects related to technological and organisational innovation.

Thanks to its internal competences, and the innovative approach at the energy efficiency field, Seaside now work with several national and international company in Italy, such as East Balt Bakeries, Kemet Electronics Italia Srl, Fabbri 1905, La Perla Manufacturing, Ima, Havi Logistics, Bunge Italia, Temix Oleo, Kiabi, Galletti.


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