White Energy Week” project on energy efficiency for schools

“White Energy Week” is a path for work experience scheme for high-school students, its objective is to educate young people to energy efficiency culture and to good environment sustainability practices while they get introduced to energy efficiency professions such as Energy Manager.

The path

The training includes 40 hours, scheduled from next 26th of February to the 3rd of March. It has been developed by Seaside and Ufficio Scolastico Regionale per l’Emilia Romagna, in collaboration with ENEA and Comune di Bologna and includes:

  • A general introduction to energy efficiency themes and to environmental sustainability, delivered by Seaside experts and ENEA.
  • Two complementary and successive sessions for the collection and analysis of data related to energy consumption at students houses, directly done by students, that will have the chance to use innovative tools such as Savemixer, the “Predictive Energy Intelligence” software developed by Seaside.
  • A final conclusion with the aim to write a energy diagnosis of students houses.
  • A Case History session, where the successful cases in the field of residential and industrial energy efficiency will be described, together ith new technologies.

The first edition

Starting from academic year 2015/2016, together with  Liceo Scientifico Malpighi, we successfully conducted a preliminary test for the project and we are now ready to release the first edition of the White Energy Week.

For the academic year 2017/18 it is teachers task to recruit 2 classes for the project for each scientific high-school of Bologna, for a total of around 300 students, with the hope that the initiative can find the support not only by Institutions, but also Associations and Companies, to facilitate the diffusion of a Energy Efficiency culture at national level.

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