Daniele Fogacci

Key Account Manager

Daniele Fogacci Seaside

Daniele Fogacci began his career in 1996 as a Designer in ROCKSOIL S.p.A., (Prof. Ing. Pietro Lunardi) at the Consortium C.A.V.E.T. and FIAT ENGINEERING (General Contractor) within the project “High Speed System” for the underground construction of the railway section Bologna – Florence.
He then held the role of Head of Sales at S.I.T.E. S.p.a. as part of the project to build the mobile network of primary operators.

In September 2001, he was the Chief Operating Officer of E.T.S. S.r.l., as part of the BLU telecommunication project with NOKIA ITALIA, and subsequently served first as Facility Manager and then as Chief Operating Officer of CENTOSTAZIONI S.p.A., group company FS (Ferrovie dello Stato) as part of the redevelopment project for railway stations.

For several years he was first Project Manager at COFELY S.p.A., “GAZ DE FRANCE” group in the field of the construction of photovoltaic systems on ASL Toscane structures and then Sinergia Sistemi Spa, in the field of renewable energy where it reaches the role of Operation Supervisor.

Finally, Project Manager of CAE S.p.A, a leading company in environmental monitoring, where in 2014 he acquired the role of Account Manager.

Daniele Fogacci realised projects of:

  • Saving (energy efficiency, photovoltaic systems, efficient plants and machinery) as part of the activities of Facility Manager in CENTOSTAZIONI Spa;
  • Optimization and rationalization of costs in the management of orders in COFELY, SITE and SYNERGY SYSTEMS.


Today Daniele Fogacci is Key Account Manager of Seaside