Gianfranco Maria Amoroso

President and CEO

GIanfranco Maria Amoroso, Amministratore DelegatoGianfranco Amoroso started working at Mediobanca S.p.A. in 1994 and has held several roles, until he took on the role of Managing Director, with responsibility for the Energy and Utilities sector, maintaining the supervision and responsibility of the execution of the main merger and acquisition operations in the Energy sector in Italy.

In July 2011, he began his professional career at Snam S.p.A and held the position of Finance Director with full responsibility covering areas of bank financing, debt capital market, group treasury, M&A and insurance. He supported the Group’s international strategy with the start-up of the M & A Finance unit, with direct responsibility for the acquisition of the stake in TAG sold by CDP, and with direct involvement in all the Group’s most important M&A projects (most recently the acquisition of the Austrian shareholding GAS CONNECT Gmbh).

From November 2016 he joined Italgas after following the split of the latter from Snam and the simultaneous listing on the Stock Exchange and since May 2018 he has been Head of Finance, Planning and Control and M & A, following the execution of the refinancing on the debt capital market of the entire debt to the former parent company Snam, as well as taking care of over ten M&A transactions carried out over the first 24 months.

He is also President and CEO of Seaside srl, a company he personally followed the acquisition operation in March 2018.