Board of Directors


Gianfranco Maria Amoroso

President and CEO

Patrizia Malferrari

Board Member


Board Member

Maria Carmela Macrì

Board Member

Pier Lorenzo Dell’Orco

Board Member

The governance system of Seaside, in line with the Italgas Group, has as its objective the creation of value for its stakeholders


Respect for the principles of environmental protection, human health and safety, protection of workers and respect for diversity are further key aspects of the governance system which also seeks to protect the interests of local communities in the territories in which it operates.
Seaside has its owns Statute that defines the governance model of the Company and the main rules of operation of the corporate bodies.

Ethical Code

Seaside adopts the Code of Ethics of the Italgas Group.
The Ethical Code approved with the Resolution of the Board of Directors of Italgas s.p.A on 16 April 2018, represents the system of values at the basis of the ethical culture of the group and collects all the values that the Company recognizes, accepts and shares the responsibilities it assumes within and outside its organisation.
The values set out in the Code define a shared value system that expresses the ethical business culture of Italgas that must inspire strategic thinking and the conduct of business activities.

Internal Control and Compliance

We have equipped ourselves with a model of organization, management and control (“Model 231”) that aims to prevent crimes committed in the interest or benefit of the company.
On December 9, 2019, we approved for the first time the Model of Organization, Management and Control and established the relevant Supervisory Body: a support tool and a central element of the Code of Ethics, intended for members of the corporate bodies, to the management and employees of Italgas, as well as to all those who work to achieve the objectives of the Company.
We, Seaside, have adopted our model of organization, management and control based on the peculiarities of our business reality, having, however, as a point of reference, the principles of Italgas’ Model 231 and taking into account the indications and methods of implementation provided by the Group according to its organizational and operational structure.

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