Energy Audit

First step towards energy effciency

Energy audit is the first step to start energy efficiency path, it is a precise picture of how energy is being used in a determined time period.

Seaside is able to perform Energy Audit under norm UNI CEI EN 16247 of buildings and companies.

Energy diagnosis determines the how, where, when and why the energy is being used in a company or building; it consists in the collection and analysis of technical and economic data on energy consumptions and on the identification of solutions and relative investments. It is usually the first step of a path leading to energy efficiency in a company.

An ideal energy efficiency path follows the below big phases :

  • ENERGY AUDIT establishment study of feasibility wit technical and economic analysis, choice of the best energy and economic solutions
  • MONITORING PLAN installation of hardware and software for the punctual and periodical analysis of the consumptions.
  • REALISATION (Direct or ESCo) of the interventions, commissioning.
  • OPERATION periodical monitoring of consumptions, maintenance of implants.

Norm 2012/27/UE art.8, commi 1 and 3, legislative decree. n. 102/2014,

for all the big corporations and high-energy consumption regardless their size, introduces the obligation of energy diagnosis every 4 years, from 05/12/2015. The same decree, also makes the main asset monitoring compulsory. The Energy diagnosis made in 2015 under decree 102/2014 have been done with estimations and need to be checked in 2019 with measured data.

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