Energy management

The service is a set of specialised consultancy activities for the optimisations of energy consumptions.

In the Energy Management service delivered by Seaside several activities are included such as:

  • Identification of theTeam (EEM, Energy Manager senior and analyst)
  • Establishment of the energy baseline
  • Assessment of the energy vector costs
  • Audit plan and control of energy vectors
  • Support to energy accountability
  • Statement of annual saving following decree 102, 3
  • Identification of the required interventions to obtain EETs

In addition to the above interventions, under some conditions, specific incenctives for Energy Diagnosis and Energy Certifications are provided.

Seaside provides support to its clients for the application to GSE, the certification for the right dimensioning of the heating generator, the compliance of the interventions for the pertinent technical and performance requirements as well as the Energy Diagnosis before the intervention and the Energy Certification ex post.

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