Financial services

Seaside also offers its clients financial support.

The client can chose to fund the intervention through its company or through investors.
Seaside is able to fund the needed interventions for energy efficiency.
The funding is payed back by the benefits of the projects, considering energy bill savings that will be obtained after the intervention, and the possibility of being rewarded with white certificates.

This type of contract is known as EPC (Energy Performance Contract) and has advantageous dynamics such as: The Client benefits a quote of energy savings without even investing. This enables to use its resources for strategic interventions.

Seaside provides to its clients financial support, and is in charge of finding European, national and regional fundings.

We are able to do due-diligence on projects, implants and companies. Precisely, we take care of :

  • Expert advices for banks
  • Expert advices for acquisition or sales of projects, assets or companies
  • Expert advices to ensure balances

Our Advisory services include:

  • Funding structuring
  • Study of feasibility for public entities
  • Economic consultancy and market analysis

We also take care of mergers and acquisitions (M&A):

  • Research of investors for coming projects and operative implants.
  • Extraordinary operations

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