White certificates

What are the White Certificates?

The main public support tool for the diffusion of the energy efficiency in our country are the energy efficiency titles (EET), aka, White Certificates.

Basically, they are negotiable titles certifying the accomplishment of energy savings in the final uses of energy: a certification equals to a non-consumption of a tonne of oil equivalent (TOE).

A formula that deeply concerns companies :

The typical case, is a company asking for consultancy to an Energy Service Company as Seaside to realise internal efficiency projects.
Once completed, these projects will be presented to the related body, the GSE, a government company devoted to the promotion of the sustainable development, including energy efficiency.
Once all the requirement are verified, GSE releases the awarded EETs.

These lasts are not only simple documentation, but real certificates with economic value, variable in time, because in Italy there are some efficiency obligations for big energy and gas suppliers, that can be discharged through White Certificates acquisition linked to projects realised by third entities.
As a conclusion, the company who undergoes through efficiency intervention, not only benefits from the diminishments of consumption, but also gets economic contribution linked to the White Certificate value.

A high impact formula: according to the ENEA 2016 energy efficiency report, in the decade 2005-2015, the EET scheme produced savings up to 4.57Mtoe, revealing to be the most effective mechanism for energy efficiency.

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