O&M plants

Operations and maintenance of the biogas plant


In Italy, around 4 photovoltaic plants out of 5 produce between 5 and 30% less energy that what they could. To overcome this, it is important to start Operation & Maintenance (O&M) actions. Following the implant trials, O&M actions are needed to ensure system efficiency over time.

Seaside offers a full service of photovoltaic (PV) O&M including:

  • Diagnosis to check implant functioning and performances
  • Mantainance and assistance “O&M PV”
  • Monitoring and Analysis of PV plant through Savemixer
  • Administrative procedures


Seaside takes care of the asset management of energy production plants from renewable sources. It maximises the results of production plants through innovative reading and monitoring tools, that permit to identify mistakes, improving areas and to reach optimisation objectives. We take care of :

  • Trials and certification periodically of the monitoring systems
  • Evaluation and realisation of the performance improvements
  • Performance monitoring and management of O&M
  • Administrative management (trading contracts, GSE and UTF practices)

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