Savemixer combines algorithms and machine learning models with Seaside’s ten-year experience as ESCo, or Energy Service Company, ie those companies that can provide all the services needed to carry out energy efficiency measures , creating a product that allows companies to monitor the trend of consumption and, above all, to establish in a simple and effective way actions to increase energy efficiency to achieve optimum and wasteful consumption.

Savemixer goes beyond simple consumer monitoring as it is able to integrate both with MES and PLC systems with the most energy-efficient manufacturing companies and with more business applications such as ERPs, and this allows companies to focus their attention on areas that have more opportunities to recover efficiency and the implementation of their operational actions, in a continuous improvement cycle.

The true value of Savemixer is to use deep and machine learning algorithms to provide predictive consumption models and to analyze large data queues, which allow you to continually improve your app through automatic learning.


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